Jesus & Lilli




Mmmmm... lilli


Hmmm… lilli is feeling light and gay this morning. It is a beautiful bright morning with clear skies. A light breeze comforts the earth and cuddles the trees after the rain. One lovely day.

As she got out of bed she went outside… still wearing her white night dress. Her feet are bare and her hair not combed yet. She looks beautiful and so content… so happy.

Under the Jacaranda tree she saw Jesus and walks up to Him. "Hello my Lord…" she says while walking closer. She is in peace though her heart is bubbling with joy. Such light joy she never knew before. Jesus smiles and opens His arms for her to walk into. "My love…" He says as He takes her into His arms for a hug.

As He knows all… He knows that she had a good night's rest. lilli can feel herself entering into His heart… into His being. She is sitting upon His lap with her head against His chest… listening to the most beautiful sound upon earth - her Love's heartbeat. It is as if each beat holds the joy of ten thousand light years. Oh how she loves Him.

"What do You want me to do today my Lord…?" lilli asks refusing to lift her head… desiring to never stop hearing the sound of His heartbeat. Hoping she never would need to climb off this lap… ever.

" I have something beautiful set out for you my love…" Jesus said… moving her head a little to the side so He can see her face. lilli can feel the joy pouring out of His heart as their eyes meet. How could she ever describe how Jesus touches her heart with His joy and love. How could she ever explain how she lives out of His existence. How could anyone ever know how much she loves Him.

Excitement light up her eyes as she asks Him if He was going to tell her what it is. "No lilli… I am not going to tell you what it is yet. You will have to wait and see. You could go prepare… if you'd like. I would suggest … " Jesus wanted to say something about combing her hair and other things… but was stopped by her desire unto a beautiful flowery dress. He laughs softly.. "Yes my love…" He says "You may wear that dress."

Jesus never got to say what He wanted but He knows He will lead her softly so she will be prepared… yes… she will be ready for that what is coming her way.

lilli closes her eyes and pulls closer to Jesus. "I love You so much Lord…" She says nearly crying with over joy. Jesus opens His heart and fills her with all she is in need of for this day. Yes, she will do a little work for Him and yes she will do it in joy. Yes, she will be loved today… loved by God.

He is to take her through many waters and none of which would overwhelm her. He is to take her through many fire and none of which would burn her. He is to take her through many hours and none of which is to bore her. He is to love her all the way.

"Jesus, will You bless those I love today Lord…" lilli says as her eyes fills with tears. Jesus knows it is tears of love. He knows her love for He gave it to her. He nods His head and assures her in her heart as He make her feel the blessing He is to bestow upon her loved ones.

"Lord… for what I am to do today… please may I go barefoot..? I ask Lord."

"Yes lilli…" He says standing up whilst holding her firmly so she will not feel pushed away. lilli is holding unto Him so tight anyways that it bring joy to His heart. "Come… let's go eat something.." He says lifting her head. She knows this close cuddle is now over and loosen her arms around Him… giving one small step backwards… her arms lift with joy as she breathes in His presence and life.

Jesus takes lilli's hand and they walk through the beautiful fresh and flowering garden. Picking fruits and eating along the way also strawberries and different kinds of wild berries. They walk to the big rock and Jesus takes out some honey from the cleft. They eat of this extreme sweetness whilst walking back for the time has come for lilli's preparation for the day.

Though she knows not what is coming… lilli trusts her Lord with all she is and she knows that He would never give her to do what she is not capable of. She knows His protection and love and His heart. She knows that sometimes a task may seem difficult or truly not joyful, but always she sees the joy and love that follows. Therefore she knows that no matter what her Lord has set out for her in this day… she knows it will be filled with joy and love.

She gives His hand a little hug and out of her heart she pours her love into Him. He loves her much and silently He starts planning new things for her… for her loved ones and for earth. Yes… because of her love… He is. Because of her love for Him, for her loved ones and for earth. He allows His mind and thoughts to fly over her… over her loved ones… and over earth. Even beyond earth He allows His mind to fly… seeing… dreaming… planning… knowing.

"What are You thinking Jesus…?" lilli asks, but Jesus is far away in His thoughts… so far that He truly did not hear her question. She leave Him be, knowing that whatever it is He is thinking of… could only be good.



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